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Welcome to Weiss & Weiss. The Law Firm of Weiss & Weiss is located in the heart of Westchester County, New York, in the City of White Plains. Our White Plains real estate lawyers maintain their offices at 1 Barker Avenue, within short walking distance of the Metro-North White Plains train station and the White Plains bus depot. We are also close to all of the Courts located in White Plains, including Westchester Supreme Court, United States District Court, United States Bankruptcy Court, and White Plains City Court. We are a full service law firm serving Westchester County and the surrounding region, including New York City as well as Rockland, Putnam and Nassau Counties.

Partner Eric Weiss, Esq. honed his legal skills in law firms located in New York City and the surrounding region, having appeared in Courts of all levels in all jurisdictions, particularly in landlord-tenant and foreclosure cases. Mr. Weiss wished to serve clients directly at reasonable cost, which resulted in the opening of his solo practice in New York City, where he developed additional practice areas such as Business Transactions and Finance and Religious Corporation Law.

Partner Carolyn L. Weiss, Esq. trained at some of most prestigious firms in New York City specializing in real estate and cooperative and condominium law where she represented hundreds of cooperative and condominium boards and at times individuals contesting board decisions and parties to residential purchase and sale transactions. She also conducted complex commercial financing transactions representing major lenders and engaged in commercial leasing for hospitals, office spaces, and food and retail establishments. Ms. Weiss became committed to practicing law in Westchester County and opened the Westchester office of Weiss & Weiss to continue to service existing clients at more competitive rates and to develop additional practice areas such as Wills and Trusts, Estate Administration and Religious Corporation Law.

Synergy between our White Plains real estate attorneys to resolve matters most favorably to clients and lower overhead costs are the results of maintaining one office. Such lower overhead costs are passed on to our clients in lower fees for comparable experience. Being in such close proximity to the Metro-North train station in White Plains allows our attorneys to readily visit any venue in the New York metropolitan region on behalf of our clients.

We specialize in real estate transactions and litigation involving real estate. Our partners have over forty years combined experience in representing businesses and individuals, as well as entities such as cooperative and condominium boards, in a variety of transactions. These include both the purchase and sale of all types of real estate. Our firm handles both residential and commercial transactions. Our partners have extensive experience in real estate financing, sales, purchases and leasing transactions with respect to property ranging from single apartments to major commercial properties such as office buildings and hotels.

Our firm also handles all aspects of landlord-tenant law. We represent both landlords and tenants when disputes may arise. Many of our clients own rental properties for which we have been able to assist them in lease preparation, as well as resolving all types of disputes that may arise over such rentals, including non-payment and holdover situations. If you are planning to rent commercial property, our partners will review and negotiate the proposed lease in order to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Many small businesses use our firm to negotiate with large landlords to ensure that they receive the rental and other terms that were agreed to by the parties.

In addition, our White Plains real estate lawyers represent both businesses and individuals in disputes involving real estate, including situations where a property has multiple owners. We have handled many partition actions for both residential and commercial properties. Many properties have more than one owner, and disputes often arise over ownership, especially where the property is inherited after the former owner passes away. We will bring the proper legal action to resolve any such disputes expeditiously, including handling any necessary estate filings.

As part of our practice, we represent mortgage holders in both residential and commercial foreclosures. If you hold a loan and mortgage that is in default, we will prepare a foreclosure action to be filed in the proper court to protect your rights in the property, including obtaining a judgment of foreclosure, auctioning the property, and obtaining a deed in foreclosure. If commercial property is being foreclosed, we will petition the Court for the appointment of a receiver for the property, so that any rental income is paid to the receiver for the benefit of the creditor.

Further, our estate department can handle all of your estate needs, including preparation of wills and trusts, living wills, and health care proxies. Our attorneys listen to the needs of our clients encountering delicate personal matters and employ our professional judgment to determine and prepare the documents best suited for their current situation. We are available to interpret estate documents prepared by others and consult with clients as to how these documents pertain to their current situation. We also have extensive experience in the administration of estates and trusts and disputes regarding these entities. Whether a person dies intestate (without a Will) or the family is prepared to probate a Will, our attorneys are available to submit the case to the Surrogate’s Court in the proper county and conclude the necessary tasks to close the estate, including any estate tax filings required. Our attorneys often navigate estate disputes concerning real and personal property and obtain favorable and fair settlements for the parties involved. Our estate department can also be of assistance when property belonging to the decedent is located in another state, or in another country.

Our estate attorneys are prepared to advise their clients on whether a trust is appropriate for their needs and will prepare such a trust after consultation. For instance, a testamentary trust, which takes effect after death, is a provision contained within a Will and may have the intent of preserving assets for particular beneficiaries or reducing taxes. An inter vivos or Living Trust is immediately effective and provides protections for the client, particularly if the client may become disabled and unable to manage her affairs. Our attorneys also commonly draft the following trusts, which apply to particular clients’ situations and may reduce tax consequences: Medicaid Trust, Special Needs Trust, Life Insurance Trust, Qualified Personal Residence Trust and Charitable Trusts.

In our Religious Corporation Law practice, matters are not necessarily adversarial. Our attorneys may be involved in a real estate transaction on behalf of the religious institution, for which filings with Supreme Court of the county in which the property is located and the New York State Attorney General’s Office may be required. We typically negotiate contracts with clergy and staff. At times, disputes arise between congregants or between congregants and their clergy, requiring the employment of our litigation skills, negotiation with the relevant parties, or management of the conduct of a legal election.

We look forward to assisting you in your legal needs. Please contact either Eric Weiss, Esq. or Carolyn L. Weiss, Esq. by phone or e-mail to arrange a consultation.

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Carolyn Weiss was knowledgeable, focused and supportive during my first home buying experience. I hope to work with her in the future.

Cristina C.

Nice job, very thorough!

Roy C.

I hired Eric Weiss to handle a dispute between myself and a very unreasonable tenant. He worked to resolve my issue with her in a most efficient and professional manner. I would recommend him to anyone who has a landlord-tenant problem.

Jeanette B.

Thank you Eric. I thought you did a great job on my foreclosure defense case. I would definitely recommend you.

J. Johnson

Thank you for all your help and assistance to get us through this transaction. We are so happy that it is finally over and behind us.

Daniel and Margaret L.

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