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Weiss & Weiss is located in White Plains, New York. We serve the legal needs of individuals and businesses in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Nassau Counties, as well as the entire New York City region. All matters are handled exclusively by an attorney. We cover numerous transactional and litigation matters as follows.

Business Transactions and Finance. Our attorneys provide legal support to clients who are involved in a transaction pertaining to the purchase or sale of a business or professional practice, such as a restaurant, funeral home, pharmacy or medical or dental office. We conduct contract negotiation, due diligence, entity formation, document drafting and monitoring of the delivery of the proper closing documents.

Commercial Leasing. Retail establishments and office spaces require lease agreements and other documents related to them, such as guaranty agreements. We respond to the requirements of our local business clientele by drafting and interpreting leases on behalf of landlords and tenants, being mindful of the specific needs of particular businesses.

Cooperative and Condominium Law. This is a specialized area of Real Estate Law in many ways unique to New York. Once an Offering Plan is accepted for filing with the Attorney General of the State of New York, apartments can be sold as cooperative or condominium units, as the case may be. In a cooperative, a shareholder owns a particular number of shares and may occupy a specific unit under a proprietary lease. In a condominium, a unit owner occupies a particular unit pursuant to a unit deed and owns a particular percentage of common interest in the building. Our Cooperative and Condominium Law Practice comprises the representation of cooperative and condominium boards, as well as unit owners in disputes with said boards. We may be called upon to interpret and redraft governing documents and to conduct purchase and sale transactions and refinances.

Estate Administration. Once a person passes away, our Estate Administration attorneys are instrumental in handling the personal, financial and legal issues that arise. If a person dies without a Will, an Administration Proceeding is conducted. If there is a Will, a Probate Proceeding will be necessary. In either case, our attorneys file the necessary documents with the Surrogate’s Court in order to have a fiduciary appointed to collect and distribute assets to the proper recipients and to negotiate and resolve monies that may be due from the estate.

Foreclosure Litigation. If your property is in foreclosure, we will defend your interests and will negotiate a mortgage modification, short sale or other resolution. On behalf of mortgage holders, we enforce our client’s security interest in real property and conduct the legal procedures to obtain legal title to the subject property for our clients. We serve the proper legal notices in a timely fashion and interact with a receiver or referee as may be appointed in the case.

Landlord-Tenant Law. We represent both landlords and tenants in landlord-tenant disputes arising from commercial and residential properties located in Westchester County, New York, in all boroughs of New York City and nearby regions. These disputes concern rental apartments, rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments, cooperative and condominium units and private houses. Our attorneys enforce lease provisions when a party has failed to comply with its obligations under the lease. When representing landlords, we thoroughly review the lease at issue and deliver all required legal notices in compliance with applicable statutes. As advocates for tenants, we are prepared to raise technical defects to the landlord’s case, in order to prevail on the tenant’s behalf.

Real Estate Litigation. After attempts to settle disputes on behalf of our clients, our attorneys conduct litigation as may pertain to real estate. A common type of such litigation is a partition case, which is a proceeding wherein a person or business jointly owning property with another severs legal ownership.

Real Estate Transactions and Finance. Sales, purchases and refinances of commercial and residential properties are facilitated by our firm. We are prepared to assist our clients involved in transactions for cooperative and condominium apartments, houses and office buildings. Our attorneys promptly prepare and negotiate contracts on behalf of our clients. After coordinating title clearance, compliance with loan commitment conditions and preparing closing documents, we attend closings along with our clients.

Religious Corporation Law. Faith organizations of various religions and denominations are represented by our firm. We form and dissolve such entities, as well as provide ongoing services such as contract negotiation with clergy. Our attorneys make the proper legal filings required if a religious organization wishes to sell, lease or mortgage real estate that it owns. We also participate in legal challenges to board elections and proposed real estate transactions.

Wills and Trusts. Our firm consults with its clients to determine the most appropriate estate documents for their current legal, financial and personal situation. Then, we draft Wills, Codicils, Trusts, Living Wills, Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney in a manner consistent with our client’s legal needs and wishes. Supervision of the signing of such documents is arranged, so that they comply with applicable statute.

Client Reviews

Carolyn Weiss was knowledgeable, focused and supportive during my first home buying experience. I hope to work with her in the future.

Cristina C.

Nice job, very thorough!

Roy C.

I hired Eric Weiss to handle a dispute between myself and a very unreasonable tenant. He worked to resolve my issue with her in a most efficient and professional manner. I would recommend him to anyone who has a landlord-tenant problem.

Jeanette B.

Thank you Eric. I thought you did a great job on my foreclosure defense case. I would definitely recommend you.

J. Johnson

Thank you for all your help and assistance to get us through this transaction. We are so happy that it is finally over and behind us.

Daniel and Margaret L.

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